How to Increase YouTube Views with SEO


Increasing Youtube Views using SEO. Upload, view, and share videos. These are just some of the things you can do on the video-sharing website, YouTube. Content on YouTube are mostly uploaded by individuals, and big corporations and organizations have also currently started sharing their materials on YouTube. Only registered users can upload their videos to their respective YouTube channels. Meanwhile, any video that may contain contents that are potentially offensive are only available to registered users because only those who are 18 years old and above are allowed to register.

It has been established that YouTube has remained the number one online video sharing by far and every YouTube user’s goal is to make a great video that everyone would love watching. However, no matter how great a video is, if it’s not easily found, it would not make a difference.

Now, how does one increase their YouTube views with SEO? Take advantage of some SEO techniques and how it work that would remarkably increase your YouTube views.

  1. Creativity is the key – don’t just give your video a one- word title; be creative! Your YouTube title is one major factor in increasing YouTube views with SEO. It doesn’t only have a big role of SEO but it also plays a big part in whether your audience would click on the video or not.
  2. Even big brands have taglines – be playful with your tags and you’re halfway there. Like choosing your pants, your tags should match your title. This is an SEO technique that works everywhere you go. It will help your video show up at the end of other videos and in searches.
  3. When random is amateur – just like writing a caption to every photo you upload, planning a keyword for every video is critical. These keywords would sum up the content of your video. Either you are thinking of short term or long term, planning is the way to more YouTube views!
  4. Ask and you shall be given – the more “likes” and “favorites” your video has, the more chance of finding its way up to YouTube’s front page. This determines how good your video is. So go an extra mile by asking people to hit like at the end of every video.
  5. Keep it fresh –Who doesn’t want anything fresh? Keep your content fresh by updating it with new information. People – internet people, don’t like history, they would want to know what’s new now.

Be proud of your video, share it with people, and the easiest way is to make it easier for them to find it, you can even try to buy facebook likes to boost your audience. Embrace the power of SEO and get soaring views in YouTube.

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10 Signs You Should Invest In YOUTUBE

It doesn’t matter how many press releases or articles you have written, you are nobody unless you’ve been seen in YouTube. Ranked as the third most visited site in the world, apart from Facebook and Google, YouTube has since changed the way we view videos online. Since its founding in 2005, there have been millions of videos uploaded and billions of dollars earned spent and earned.

Yes, you may have heard about making money on YouTube but has not figured out how? Like when your about to Choose Best Personal Loans and other products that company offers. If you are the type of person who wants to make money on videos then it is probably time to get your YouTube up and running, today.

This part is for YouTube beginners:

You may want to look at these telltale 10 Signs You Should Invest In YOUTUBE . You:

1. Have your own YouTube Channel set up.

You probably had this account for ages but have not figured out what to do with it apart from searching for videos. Now it’s time you earned just by watching videos online.

2. Love the idea of taking videos and sharing it to the world.

You have the skill and the talent to turn dull moments into a lifetime worth remembering.

 3. Have products you want to sell

You have been in this business for ages, and want to explore more options to earn. You have tried all the marketing tools you‘ve read but nothing worked.

 4. Want to reach out to more people by just showing videos

Want to try another way of selling your products without using any catchy phrases, just catchy videos.

5.Want to try a new marketing Technique

Gone are the traditional techniques in company marketing. It’s time you change your marketing tools too.

 Advance users also gain from investing in their own YouTube channel.

6. Better conversion rates

People have become more visual thinkers where they want to see products sold through video storytelling.

7. Ads really add up to the money

When you think that you can earn money on YouTube just by sharing videos, you probably have not heard of ads (advertisements).

8. Brands get more attention

Enough said.

9. You can become a YouTube Personality

Over one hundred hours of videos are uploaded on the site every minute. There’s a huge potential to earn a good number of followers here.

10. Ultimately, you can learn a lot from YouTube

Yes, you may have earned much, created a good number of followers and became a Youtube sensation. One fundamental thing everyone should know is that YouTube is a gateway to share and learn new things. Like learning on how to finance properly your





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Ways to Social-Media Marketers Get Their Message Heard

Ways to Social-Media Marketers Get Their Message Heard

From thousands of users, now, there are millions of users in social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. As social media grows, competition among marketers also tightens. Since it is free and paid ads are more affordable, every business has an equal chance of competing with everyone else. There are many ways to social-media marketers get their message heard. It won’t be easy, but following a few tips below can help you out.

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Google Your Way to Brand Stardom

Every brand now has a fair chance of reaching stardom in social media. Getting recommended now comes easy with the newest feature of Google PlusGoogle Plus Ones. What makes it hot? Those who understand how it works found it one of the best features they’ve used in a social media platform. Those who are just speculating think it resembles that of Facebook when in fact it doesn’t.

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10 Tips to Learn the Social Media Language

Feeling like you are outdate in the digital age? Are you frustrated because the digital world seems to be too vast and too difficult to understand? Embrace something that everyone enjoys doing ─ socialize.

It takes a no-brainer to realize that social media platforms are gold mines for marketing. Promoting is absolutely convenient and you get to learn a lot of things here. It is not a one way thing because it is all about making relationships. Whatever your business is, social media will be perfect for you.

1.Blogging keeps everyone connected. It is a great way of educating others about your business and what you can offer them. Sounding like a teacher can help. Start by posting a question on a weekly basis then listen to what others have to say. This is similar to interpersonal writing practice.

2.Twitter is another way of linking everyone else. Start by tweeting the introduction part of your story or topic and wait for responses. Require students add to the story as part of their participation.

3.Instagram is all about sharing photos. Each school day, post a picture that may be of interest to students. It just adds an interesting twist to a class day.

4.Video sharing is fun. Go to YouTube or Vimeo and let students publish their work there. The young ones will certainly find it easy and fun.

5.SlideShare is great for presentations. Students can use it to create, modify and share what they made. Editing is also easy.

6.Google Drive allows everyone to share files quickly. Get the benefits of an application that is almost similar to Microsoft Word but can be accessed using mobile devices.

7.Collaborative editing is not possible through Google Drive. Contributing ideas in real time is possible.

8.Facebook is everyone’s favorite so it is easy to earn likes. You can ask students to make likes or comments.

9.Duolingo makes education fun through gaming. They can compete as the level up.

10.Polling makes a class interactive. Every student is just eager to be a part of this.

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New Businesses Can Start From Bottom to Top Using Social Media

As a starter, you may be having zero following. Perhaps you are lost or confused. You may not know where to start Starting from the ground up can be easy if you venture into social media marketing.

New companies can certainly have the edge in the e-Commerce industry if they will use HootSuite. Making an impact online is actually possible even if you are working on a limited budget. Saving time and money is easy with tools like HootSuite.

1.Try Google plus
Get the hang of posting on this new social media beast. Many businesses even the big brands are starting to direct their efforts towards this platform. Utilize what you can from it so you can reap the benefits of SEO just by going to Google+.
The power of Communities can have a huge impact to your business. Google+ Communities allow you to connect to a huge number of people who may possibly be sharing the same interest as yours.

2.Understand Twitter etiquette
Although everyone is already on Twitter, some may not be maximizing what they can get from it. If you just started your business, it is important to understand Twitter etiquette to get the best from it.

Make your tweets visible by putting a period before @username. Otherwise, you limit your visibility to those who are following you and the user name mentioned.

Be careful when you auto-link your social channels. Frequent and random posts may annoy your followers that you end up losing them.

Schedule your tweets. Doing this on your own may be time consuming. Try using tools that can save you time.

3.Content will always rule
Tired of hearing that content is king? Well, don’t be. This is one rule that hasn’t changed over the years. Keyword stuffing may be dead but great content remains a classic. Although algorithms in search engines have totally changes, this is one thing did not and hopefully won’t change.

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6 Tips to Boost Your Marketing Efforts on Social Media

Categorizing things can give you an edge as you market your business on social media. Learn about simple tips on how to drive traffic to your page while you are in social media.

1.Avoid the most common Twitter mistake
Putting @username means the comment will be seen only by that person, the sender, sender’s followers and the mentioned person’s followers. If you want everyone to see that particular post and start with the user name, add a (period) then @username. Avoid this common mistake so you can make your posts more visible even to those who aren’t your followers.

2.Schedule your posts at the right time
Posting at meal times especially lunch and dinner. You can also do it one hour before or after a particular event. Everyone is more likely to be checking their accounts during this time. The peak level of traffic is at primetime.

3.Grow your audience by following others
If you want to get a share of others audience, follow everyone else especially those with big names. You may be surprised that they will follow you back or even share your posts.

4.Stay updated
Keep an eye on changing guidelines to avoid breaching any of these. Facebook asks everyone to use a third-party application when running promotions on your Timeline. Don’t use the like button as a voting mechanism. Notifying winner through Facebook messages, chat or posts on profile is a major violation. See to it that you are updated all the time.

5.Put your complete address
Adding your complete address in your page settings can help fans and visitors check-in to your business on Facebook.

6.Use a pop-up
This is a simple but great tip. A small light-box pop-up to your YouTube channel will certainly boost traffic. Once they see it, they can easily subscribe to you.

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10 Basic Social Media Blogging Tips

Increasing traffic to a web page has become the main goal of social media bloggers. It starts with brand promotion that can lead to getting more clicks. Bloggers get plenty of opportunity to attract readers as they venture into various platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and StumbleUpon.

Find out how you can become an expert in social media blogging.

1.Make your social media icons prominent
If you make your social media icons bold and prominent on your website, everyone can easily see it. They will surely get interested because everyone is just crazy about socializing online.

2.Create a page for your blogs
Give your blogs their own special place. It would be nice to put them in a particular place to avoid annoying your friends or followers. Opt for a Facebook social plugin that can make easier to convert readers to fans.

3.Try boosting traffic with StumbleUpon
StumbleUpon serves as an alternate browser that gives you access to suggested pages. You can share your bog posts into the system. It is important to boost your following to rank high in recommended engines.

4.Associate your blogs to your LinkedIn profile
It is much better to get credit for your blogs so make sure that you import your RSS feed into your LinkedIn  profile. Blog Link application can be done so that your most recent posts will be displayed on your profile.

5.Go to the hottest ─ Pinterest
The latest and hottest new kid in town happens to be Pinterest. A huge number of bloggers are scrambling their way to earn popularity in this new platform. Experts predict that it will be one of the biggest social platforms in a year or two. Many even say that it can exceed the fame of Facebook in two to three years.

6.Use link shorteners
Use them even if you don’t need them. Why? They can shorten your link and even if they don’t, granted they are short enough, you can still benefit from them because they give you access to metrics. Use the data to track you online traffic and experiment on how you can improve it.

7.Keep using your blog name
Promote your name just by using your blog’s name as your username.
8.Join group of bloggers in Facebook
Joining active groups on Facebook can give you access to information from like-minded people.

9.Promote others so they’ll promote you
Promote others and they will surely return the favor by promoting you as well.
Check out what other bloggers have to say and share them.

10.Stay on social media
It will take so even when you are frustrated, stay where you are. Continue your efforts and don’t lose hope.

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